Karg-Elert, 25 Capricen Op. 153


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As a teenager I loved to browse through the (usually modest) saxophone department in sheet music shops. Sigfrid Karg-Elert’s Caprices and Sonata were among the first pieces that I bought. I find it quite a miracle that over thirty years later I still deem this music some of the finest ever written for our instrument. Yet, the fact that so many details in the musical text were unclear and seemingly wrong has always bothered me, even to the point that they obstructed my joy in practicing the music. In the meantime, by arranging, composing, studying and analyzing a lot of other music, I have gathered insights into how composers think and work. So I decided to assign myself the job of meticulously working through the entire work and revising it. The result, I hope, is at the service of everyone who is equally enchanted by Karg-Elert’s Caprices.

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