Bach – Prelude & Allegro BWV 998 (Clarinet)


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While doing research for my recording of Bach’s cello suites BWV 1007-1012 (Bach Suites for Saxophone, CC 72769), I stumbled on Bach’s own arrangement of his fifth suite as part of his Lautenwerk (BWV 995). As inspiring as it was for my own understanding and rendering of that suite, it also sparked my interest to find other of his works in Lautenwerk that could prove to be suitable for my instrument. Ultimately I made these two movements (leaving out the middle movement, a fugue) into a short saxophone piece.

I use urtext sources only, leaving the essential information, such as slurring, as original as can be, given the fact that these are arrangements. The result is a transposed and transformed piece that should sound well on the saxophone.

This publication comprises a second version (page 6 onwards) with additional dashed slurring as suggestions for future players. As I think that adding slurring is something quite personal, I would encourage players to play from the first version and only use the second as reference material. This is the way I perform it on my album Bach Solo for Saxophone.

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