compositions & arrangements

An arranger should always act as the composer, taking responsibility for every aspect of the new notes. The extent of composing can differ, however. Therefore, I see instrumentation – arranging – recomposing – composing as a gliding scale.

work list


Delirium [4’]. Reed Quintet

En Bateau (C. Debussy) [4’]. Reed Quintet

Dankjewel [3’]. Reed Quintet

Prelude non mesuré 3 (L. Couperin) [4’]. Reed Quintet & Jazz Trio

Cosí mi disprezzate (G. Frescobaldi) [5’]. Reed Quintet & Jazz Trio

Auff die Maÿerin (J. Froberger) [4’]. Reed Quintet & Jazz Trio

Cinta die rose (G. Kapsberger) [4‘]. Reed Quintet & Jazz Trio


4 Préludes (C. Debussy) [10’]. Reed Quintet

Fantasia BWV 922 (J.S. Bach) [7‘]. Saxophone

Fantasia BWV 903 (J.S. Bach) [9‘]. Saxophone

Prelude & Allegro BWV 998 (J.S. Bach) [6‘]. Saxophone

Partita BWV 1013 (J.S. Bach) [12‘]. Saxophone

Canto Ostinato (Simeon ten Holt) [80’]. Saxophone part addition to original (with Aart Bergwerff)

Inventionen BWV 772-786 (J.S. Bach) [20‘]. Soprano & baritone saxophone

Airports for Reed Quintet (K. Azmeh) [8’]. Reed Quintet

Overjoyed (S. Wonder) [4’]. Reed Quintet

Fantasie in f (F. Schubert) [18’]. Reed Quintet


L’Isle Joyeuse (C. Debussy) [6’]. Reed Quintet

3 Capricci (G.F. Händel) [5’]. Reed Quintet

Syrinx [3’]. Reed Quintet

4 Fantazia’s (H. Purcell) [9’]. Reed Quintet

Toccata & Fugue BWV 565 (J.S. Bach) [8‘]. Saxophone

Kreutzer Sonata (L. Janacek) [18’]. Reed Quintet

Innsbruck ich muss dich lassen (H. Isaac, Lütkemann, J.S. Bach, J. Brahms) [10‘]. Reed Quintet

Fragment (J. Psathas) [3’]. Reed Quintet & Percussion

Summer 78 (Y. Tiersen) [3’]. Reed Quintet

Hot Music (E. Schulhoff) [10’]. Reed Quintet


Rhapsody In Blue (G. Gershwin) [19’]. Reed Quintet

Istanbul Olali [5’]. Reed Quintet

Terugblik [9’]. Reed Quintet & video

Salve Regina (J. Ockeghem) [5’]. Reed Quintet

Aus Liebe (J.S. Bach) [4‘]. 4 saxophones

Simplex (E. Hekkema) [5‘]. Saxophone

Tableau de l’operation (M. Marais) [3‘]. Saxophone

Suite (A. Busch) [12‘]. Saxophone

Preludes (L. Couperin) [var.]. Saxophone

Quartet (H. Bosmans) [12’]. Reed Quintet

Goldberg Canons BWV 1087 (J.S. Bach) [4’]. Reed Quintet


Aeneas’s Point of View [8’]. Reed Quintet

A Cycle of 8 Short Pieces (S. Karg-Elert) [14’]. Reed Quintet

Litanies (J. Alain) [4’]. Reed Quintet

Fugues et caprices (F. Roberday) [21’]. Reed Quintet

Gaspard de la nuit (rev.) (M. Ravel) [24’]. Reed Quintet


Dido & Aeneazz (based on H. Purcell’s opera) [50’]. Reed Quintet, trumpet, bass & drums

Where we meet [8’]. Harp

3 Sonatas BWV 1027-1029 (J.S. Bach) [35’]. Saxophone & Piano

Sellinger’s Round (W. Byrd) [5’]. Reed Quintet

Prelude BWV 999 (J.S. Bach) [1’]. Reed Quintet

Brouillards (C. Debussy) [4’]. Reed Quintet

Rapsodie (rev.) (C. Debussy) [9’]. Reed Quintet

Musikalisches Opfer (J.S. Bach) [43’]. Reed Quintet & Oboe

Tableau de l’opération de la taille (M. Marais) [4’]. Saxophone

Gran Vals (F. Tarrega) [3’]. Reed Quintet

Geistervariationen (R. Schumann) [10’]. Reed Quintet

Sonatine 3 (W. Pijper) [5’]. Reed Quintet


Fantasia à 6 (W. Byrd) [3’]. Reed Quintet & instrument

In nomine à 6 (H. Purcell) [3’]. Reed Quintet & instrument

Over the Moon [6’]. Reed Quintet

Piéce en forme de Habanera (M. Ravel) [4’]. Reed Quintet & Violin

Sonate in A (C. Franck) [28’]. Reed Quintet & Violin

De Profundis (O. di Lasso) [10’]. Reed Quintet

Ein Wallfahrtslied (A. Pärt) [9’]. Reed Quintet

Ground Bass (Chaconne) (F. Tristano) [9’]. Reed Quintet

New Amsterdam (Moondog) [5’]. Reed Quintet

Sonate from Musikalisches Opfer (J.S. Bach) [14’]. Saxophone & piano

Sonate BWV 1016 (J.S. Bach) [12’]. Saxophone & piano

Ave Maria (J.S. Bach/C. Gounod) [4’]. Saxophone & Piano


Franck (R. van Kesteren) [6’]. Reed Quintet & Trumpet

Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis (W. Byrd) [5’]. Reed Quintet & Voice

Brandenburgisches Konzert  6 (J.S. Bach) [16’]. Reed Quintet

Sonatine 2 (W. Pijper) [5’]. Reed Quintet

Torn [5’]. Reed Quintet & harp

Tears (J. Dowland) [7’]. Reed Quintet & harp

Prélude à la nuit (M. Ravel) [4’]. Reed Quintet & harp

Mouvement (C. Debussy) [3’]. Reed Quintet & harp

Six Epigraphes antiques (C. Debussy) [16’]. Reed Quintet & harp

Suite VI (J.S. Bach) [24’]. Saxophone

Suite V (J.S. Bach) [22’]. Saxophone

Suite IV (J.S. Bach) [20’]. Saxophone

Suite I (J.S. Bach) [17’]. Saxophone

Suite II (J.S. Bach) [19’]. Saxophone


Partita III (J.S. Bach) [18’]. Saxophone

Partita I (J.S. Bach) [23’]. Saxophone

Er benne ziele node [5’]. Reed Quintet + voice

Dijkdrift – Theatre Music [65’]. Reed Quintet + 7 singers, some of whom play instruments.

Ricercar á 6 (J.S. Bach) [7’]. Reed Quintet + 1 instrument

Canons from Musikalisches Opfer (J.S. Bach) [12’]. Reed Quintet

A night on the bald mountain (M. Moussorgski/Rimsky-Korsakoff) [10’]. Reed Quintet

Réjouissance (J.S. Bach) [3′]. Reed Quintet & string orchestra

Le ray au soleil (J. Ciconia) [1′]. Reed Trio

Vom Himmel hoch Variations (J.S. Bach) [21′]. Reed Quintet & string orchestra


Pak Het! [5′]. Reed Quintet

Variations on La Folia (A. Corelli) [10′]. Reed Quintet

Voor Maria (‘For Maria’) [12′]. Reed Quintet & synthesizer

Variations on La Folia (S. Rachmaninov) [18′]. Reed Quintet

Mali Maybe [10′]. Reed Quintet & loop station

Such Sweet Thunder (Ellington-Strayhorn) [40′]. Reed Quintet, bass & drums

On Cloud #999 [6′]. Reed Quintet

Prelude & interludes for Monteverdi’s Lamento [4′]. Reed Quintet

Danses de travers (E. Satie) [5′]. Reed Quintet

Viderunt Omnes (Perotinus) [10′]. Reed Quintet


En blanc et noir (C. Debussy) [14′]. String quartet & Reed Quintet

Vermont Counterpoint (S. Reich) [9′]. Reed Quintet & tape

An American in Paris (G. Gershwin) [20′]. Reed Quintet

Almaladdin (with E. Vloeimans) [8′]. Trumpet & Reed Quintet

Vom Himmel hoch Variations (J.S. Bach) [20′]. Reed Quintet

Ut re mi fa sol (Doctor John Bull) [4′]. Reed Quintet

Capriccio (G.F. Händel) [2′]. Reed Quintet

Majulah Singapura (Trad.) [1′]. Reed Quintet

God save the King Variations (L. v. Beethoven) [9′]. Reed Quintet

Waldszenen (R. Schumann) [21′]. Reed Quintet

Tombeau de Couperin *revision* (M. Ravel) [25′]. Reed Quintet


Trois Pièces (F. Martin) [16′]. Reed Quintet (comm. by Ms. Martin-Boeke)

Dreigroschen-Suite (K. Weill) [17′]. Reed Quintet

Prelude, aria et finale (C. Franck) [20′]. Reed Quintet

3 Toccata’s (M. Rossi) [12′]. Reed Quintet

3 Studies (H. Abrahamsen) [5′]. Reed Quintet

Cinq Mélodies Grecques (M. Ravel) [10′]. Reed Quintet & Voice

Chacone (R. de Visée) [6′]. Reed Quintet & Trumpet

Homage to Luciano Berio’s Sequenza IX [10′]. Reed Quintet

Study #44 (C. Nancarrow) [10′]. Reed Quintet

Tripped (C. Monteverdi) [4′]. Pop trio

How sweet is the torment (C. Monteverdi) [3′]. Pop trio

Three Ravens (T. Ravenscroft) [2′]. Pop trio

Sonata Sexta (H. Schmelzer) [8′]. Pop trio

Here comes my darling (J. Kapsberger) [2′]. Pop trio

Amaryllis (G. Caccini) [4′]. Pop trio

Chacone (R. De Visée) [5′]. Pop trio

Come away (J. Dowland) [3′]. Pop trio

What if I don’t succeed (J. Dowland) [3′]. Pop trio


Le chasseur maudit (C. Franck) [15’]. Wind ensemble, db & perc.

Archipel VII DOUBLE (D. Manneke) [9’]. Reed quintet

Concerto in a minor BWV 1065 – from Vivaldi’s L’Estro Armonico (J.S. Bach) [10’]. Reed quintet, str. orchestra & basso continuo

Concerto in d minor BWV 596 – from Vivaldi’s L’Estro Armonico (J.S. Bach) [10’]. Reed quintet

Suite III BWV 1009 (J.S. Bach) [20’]. Sax solo


I got Rhythm variations (G. Gershwin) [10’]. Piano & reed quintet

On the Goldberg bass [15’]. Reed quintet & organ

Caprice nr. 19 (N. Paganini) [4’]. Sax & violin

The King of Denmark his Galliard (J. Dowland) [5’]. Pop trio

The Earl of Essex his Galliard (J. Dowland) [4’]. Pop trio

Flow my Tears (J. Dowland) [5’]. Pop trio

Fantasia (A. Mudarra) [6’]. Pop trio

Suite (R. de Visée) [11’]. Pop trio

Se’i languidi miei sguardi (C. Monteverdi) [9’]. Pop trio

Suite (H. Purcell) [5’]. Pop trio

Sonata ‘La castella’ (G.A. Pandolfi Mealli) [8’]. Pop trio

Sonata VI (J. H. Schmelzer) [8’]. Pop trio

Passacaglia (H. I. Biber) [9’]. Pop trio

Branle (A. le Roy) [1’]. Pop trio


Romance (L. von Beethoven) [1’]. Pan pipes

Agnus Dei (W. Byrd) [3’]. 5 telescope clarinets

Trois caprices de Paganini (K. Szymanowski) [13’]. Sax & str. orch

Ricercare from Musikalisches Opfer (J.S. Bach) [7’]. For six instruments

Canons from Musikalisches Opfer (J.S. Bach) [6’]. Various instr

Canzon prima (G. Gabrieli) [3’]. Reed quintet

Canzon in eco (G. Gabrieli) [3’]. Organ & reed quintet


Neuwirth Intermezzi (var. baroque arr.) [20’]. For various instr (for MusikFabrik)

Années de Pelérinage – Suisse (F. Liszt) [12’]. Reed quintet

Rapsodie Espagnole (M. Ravel) [14’]. Reed quintet

2 madrigals (C. Schuyt) [5’]. Reed quintet

Sophisticated Lady (D. Ellington) [3’]. Reed quintet

Flow my Tears (on the Dowland song) [5’]. Soloist & reed quintet

Trois caprices de Paganini (K. Szymanowski) [13’]. Sax & reed quartet (withdrawn)

Vermont Counterpoint (S. Reich) [9’]. Sax solo + pretaped saxes


New York Counterpoint (S. Reich) [11’]. Version reed quintet & 6 taped reed instr

Gaspard de la nuit (M.Ravel) [25’]. Reed quintet

Variation symphoniques (C. Franck) [18’]. Reed quintet & orchestra

Duo Merveille (N. Paganini) [3’]. Sax solo

Trois caprices de Paganini (K. Szymanowski) [13’]. Sax & pf

Partita II BWV 1003 (J.S. Bach) [26’’]. Wind instr solo


Prelude & Fuge nr 2 WTK I (J.S. Bach) [5’]. Sax solo

Satin Doll (D. Ellington) [4’]. Reed quintet

Suite la triomphante (J-Ph. Rameau) [30’]. Reed quintet

Goldberg Variations (J.S. Bach) [45’]. Reed quintet

Sechs Geistliche Gesänge (H. Wolf) [10’]. Reed quintet

Missa de beata virgine (J. des Prez) [25’]. Reed quintet

Study #15 (C. Nancarrow) [3’]. Reed quintet

Study #3c (C. Nancarrow) [3’]. Reed quintet & pf

Study #3d (C. Nancarrow) [3’]. Reed quintet & pf

Study #4 (C. Nancarrow) [3’]. Reed quintet & pf


Caprice 4 (N. Paganini) [7’]. Sax solo

Caprice 18 (N. Paganini) [3’]. Sax solo

Caprice 8 (N. Paganini) [4’]. Sax solo

Study #10 (C. Nancarrow) [4’]. Reed quintet & pf

Study #7 (C. Nancarrow) [10’]. Reed quintet & pf

Study #12 (C. Nancarrow) [8’]. Reed quintet & pf

Study #14 (C. Nancarrow) [3’]. Reed quintet & pf

Study #6 (C. Nancarrow) [5’]. Reed quintet & pf

Missa Prolationem (J. Ockeghem) [30’]. Reed quintet


Rapsodie (C. Debussy) [10’]. Reed quintet

Fantasia Betica (M. De Falla) [12’]. Reed quintet

Caprice 17 (N. Paganini) [4’]. Sax solo

Caprice 19 (N. Paganini) [4’]. Sax solo

Caprice 21 (N. Paganini) [3’]. Sax solo

Caprice 5 (N. Paganini) [4’]. Sax solo

Study #18 (C. Nancarrow) [3’]. Reed quintet

Ballade vom ertrunkenen Mädchen (K.Weill) [3’]. Voice & reed quintet


Rêverie et caprice (H. Berlioz) [8’]. Sx, pf

Caprice 20 (N. Paganini) [4’]. Sax solo

Caprice 22 (N. Paganini) [3’]. Sax solo

Caprice 23 (N. Paganini) [3’]. Sax solo

Caprice 11 (N. Paganini) [4’]. Sax solo

Seeräuber Jenny (K. Weill) [3’]. Voice, Reed quintet

Concerto nr. 2 La Campanella [30’]. Sx & orch.

From Holberg’s Time (E. Grieg) [22’]. Reed quintet

Syrinx (C. Debussy) [3’]. Sx solo

Suite IV BWV 1010 (J.S. Bach) [25’]. Sax solo

Motet (R. Ford) [3’]. Reed quintet

Study #2 (C. Nancarrow) [3’]. Reed quintet

Study #3c (C. Nancarrow) [3’]. Reed quintet

Study #3d (C. Nancarrow) [3’]. Reed quintet


Die Kunst der Fuge (J.S. Bach) [80’]. Reed quintet (1991-2000)

Pia mater (anonymus) [5’]. Reed quintet

Credo (anonymus) [5’]. Reed quintet

Caprice 1 (N. Paganini) [3’]. Sax solo

Caprice 24 (N. Paganini) [5’]. Sax solo

Caprice 9 (N. Paganini) [4’]. Sax solo

Caprice 12 (N. Paganini) [4’]. Sax solo

Caprice 14 (N. Paganini) [2’]. Sax solo

Caprice 15 (N. Paganini) [3’]. Sax solo

Caprice 7 (N. Paganini) [4’]. Sax solo

Was die Herren Matrosen sagen (K. Weill) [6’]. Voice, Reed quintet

La Poule (J-Ph. Rameau) [3’]. Reed quintet

Video cellos apertos [7’]. Reed quintet

Jump for Joy (D. Ellington/B. Webster) [3’]. Reed quintet

Sonata (N. Paganini) [18’]. Sx, pf

La Campanella (N. Paganini) [9’]. Sx, pf

Polacca con variazioni (N. Paganini) [8’]. Sx, pf

Musae Jovis (N. Gombert) [5’30’’]. Reed quintet


7 Canons (M. Reger) [10’]. Sopr sx & bar sx

6 Fantasias (O. Gibbons) [12’]. Sopr sx & bar sx

Sonata e major BWV 1014 (J.S. Bach) [12’]. Sopr sx & bar sx

Sonata prima (D. Castello) [8’]. Sopr sx & bar sx

Canon [3’]. Sopr sx & bar sx

6 Sequuntur Cantiones (O. di Lasso) [15’]. Sopr sx & bar sx

6 Duets (T. Morley) [15’]. Sopr sx & bar sx

Ogni Dilecto (M. Piero) [3’]. Sopr sx & bar sx

Le ray au soleil (J. Ciconia) [2’]. Sopr sx & bar sx

Giunge l’ bel tempo (J. da Bologna). [3’]. Sopr sx & bar sx

Prelude & Fuge nr. 10 from WTK I (J.S. Bach) [5’]. Sopr sx & bar sx

Caprice 16 (N. Paganini) [3’]. Sax solo

Caprice 13 (N. Paganini) [3’]. Sax solo

Caprice 10 (N. Paganini) [3’]. Sax solo

Caprice 6 (N. Paganini) [5’]. Sax solo

Caprice 3 (N. Paganini) [3’]. Sax solo

Caprice 2 (N. Paganini) [3’]. Sax solo

Perpetuum mobile (N. Paganini) [4’]. Sx, pf

Isfahan (B. Strayhorn) [4’]. Reed quintet

Estampes (C. Debussy) (rev. 2008) [16’]. Reed quintet

The River (D. Ellington) [30’]. Reed quintet

Quintet in C major, mov. 1 (F. Schubert) [18’}. Reed quintet

Suite le rappel des oiseaux (J-Ph. Rameau) [23’]. Reed quintet


La plus que lente (C. Debussy) [5’]. Reed quintet

Viderunt Omnes (Perotinus) [10’]. Reed quintet

Seven Tears or Lachrimae (J. Dowland) [15’]. Reed quintet

4 Canons from Die Kunst der Fuge (J.S. Bach) [20’]. Sopr sx & bar sx

4 Duets (J.S. Bach) [10’}. Sopr sx & bar sx

Sonata e minor BWV 1013 (J.S. Bach) [15’]. Sopr sx & bar sx

15 2-part Inventions (J.S. Bach) [25’]. Sopr sx & bar sx

Sonata from Il pastor fido (A. Vivaldi). [10’] Sopr sx & bar sx

l’Isle Joyeuse (C. Debussy) [7’]. Sx quintet & str quintet


Tierkreis (K. Stockhausen) [30’]. Reed quintet

Il Banchetto musicale (J. H. Schein) [8’]. Reed quintet

Mort, tu as navré (J. Ockeghem) [8’]. Reed quintet

Credo from Missa Caput (J. Ockeghem) [6’30’’]. Reed quintet

Prenez sur moi (J. Ockeghem) [5’]. Reed quintet

Intemerata dei mater (J. Ockeghem) [6’30’’]. Reed quintet

Salve Regina (J. Ockeghem) [7’]. Reed quintet

Fumeux Fume (Solage) [6’]. Tsx, bcl, bs

Suite Dido & Aeneas (H. Purcell) [18’]. (High voice &) reed quintet


Danse Russe Trepak (P. Tchaikovski) [2’]. Reed Orch.

La Valse (M. Ravel) [13’]. Reed orch.

Magnificat (W. Byrd) [5’]. Counter tenor & Reed quintet

Ludus Tonalis (P. Hindemith) [60’]. Reed quintet


Adagio in b flat KV 411 (W.A. Mozart) [6’30’’]. Reed quintet

Adagio in f KV 410 (W.A. Mozart) [2’]. Cl, sx, bcl

Beauté Parfaite (A. de Caserta) [3’]. Reed quintet

Het Tuinfeest (op tekst van M. Nijhoff) (The Garden party) [9’]. Low voice, ob, vln, vla, vlc


3 madrigals (G. Gabrieli) [10’]. Reed quintet & organ

Browning (W. Byrd) [3’]. Reed quintet

Fantasia (W. Byrd) [5’]. Reed quintet

Tombeau de Couperin (M. Ravel) [25’]. Reed quintet

Prelude & Ground (W. Byrd) [4’30’’]. Reed quintet

Die Zauberflöte Overture (W.A. Mozart) [8’]. Reed quintet (withdrawn)

Dame d’honour en qui (A. de Caserta) [3’]. Reed quintet

Se Galaas (J. Cuvelier) [3’]. Reed quintet


Suite [13’]. Bsn solo (rev. 2009) (later transcr. for sx)

Sonate 1001 [10’]. Vln solo

Quintet in g minor KV 516 (W.A. Mozart) [30’]. Reed quintet

La Spagna (anonymus) [3’]. Reed quintet


Luyken liederen (Luyken songs) (on Jan Luyken texts) [13’]. Mixed choir, 2 vns, vla, vlc, db

Saxofoonkwartet ‘Signaal’ (Saxophone Quartet ‘Signal’) [9’]. Sax quartet

Children’s Corner (C. Debussy) [16’]. Reed quintet



Veertien Rieten (14 reeds) [21’]. 2 obs, eng horn, bsn.

Incest suite (for a play) [16’]. Fl, vln, harp

3 motets (the middle one was added later) (Antoine Brumel) [12’]. Reed quintet


Serenade [12’]. Large orch.

Gestures (D. Manneke) [9’30’’]. ob, cl, 2 sx, bsn (recorded in 1991 for Erasmus records)

Stranddivertimento (Beach Divertimento) [8’30’’]. Ob, vln, vla, vlc

6 madrigals (C. Gesualdo) [16’]. Reed quintet

De lange nacht (The long night) [4’40’’]. Chamber Orch.

Theevisite (High tea) (for a silent movie) [6’]. Film orch.

There’s a boat (G. Gershwin) [3’]. For high voice & reed quintet


Nutcracker Overture (P. Tchaikovski) [3’]. Reed quintet

Güell Nocturne [6’40’’]. 10 wind instr

Concert in Turquoise [4’30’’]. 2 obs

Reismuziek  (Travel music) [5’]. tp, 2 hrns, trb

Zes stadsbeelden (Six city images) [8’30’’]. 2 vlc

Music for awhile (on a Purcell text) [7’30’’]. High voice, ob, bsn, pf

Since from my dear (on a Purcell text) [2’]. High voice, ob, bsn, pf

Let’s dance (on a Purcell text) [2’]. High voice, ob, bsn, pf


Romanian folk Dances (B. Bartok) [6’]. Reed quintet

September [var.]. for jazz octet


Blaaskwintet (Wind Quintet) [6’30’’]. ob, cl, 2 sx, bsn

Miniatuur (Miniature) [1’30’’]. ob, cl, 2 sx, bsn

Strijkkwartet [5’30’’]. str quartet


Herbst (on a Rainer Maria Rilke poem) [4’]. Low female voice, 4 sx

De Leeuw (The lion) (on a Roald Dahl poem) [2’]. Low female voice, sopr sx

Requiem [2’]. Cl, asx, bsn

Overture [2’]. Cl, asx, vln, vla, vlc

Droevige melodie (Sad melody) [1’30’’]. Fl, 2 vlns, vla, 2 vcl

Boos menuetje (Angry little minuet) [1’]. Asx, Bsn, 2 Vcl

2 Walsjes (2 waltzes) [3’]. Cl, bsn, str quartet.

Wegstervende Melodie [var.]. Vln, vla, vlc


Andante [2’]. 2 asx, bsn

Trio [2’]. 2 asx, bsn


Listen to Raaf Hekkema’s compositions

This is what I call ‘recomposing’

Calefax Reed Quintet & Eric Vloeimans. Recomposed by Raaf Hekkema, after Henry Purcell.