About microtonal music

Notes are not tones. My philosophy about tones is that no notation is ever sufficient to describe a tone.

About my teaching

I only started teaching when I was 47, following a request by the Royal Conservatoire The Hague. Until then, I had always considered myself too young to teach.

Bach Suites for saxophone

The path to this recording was long, windy and fascinating. It started with the awareness that the cello suites provide exceptional playing material for saxophonists.

Bach Partitas for saxophone

Even before I entered conservatory, it was clear there was one composer who stood head and shoulders above the rest: Johann Sebastian Bach.

Paganini plus

Paganini Plus is the follow-up of Paganini Caprices for Saxophone. This new collection I gathered and arranged in the last few years for performances with Hans Eijsackers.